Maintenance Emergencies

If this is an emergency such as a fire, health emergency, or other serious emergency then please call 911 first and then, if needed, call our emergency maintenance contact number.

For maintenance emergencies call one of the numbers listed below.

Greater Lynchburg              (434) 473-2393
Appomattox                            (434) 473-2393
Roanoke                                  (540) 526-5666

Possible maintenance emergencies would include:

  1. No heat in the winter.
  2. No A/C on a hot day.
  3. Your refrigerator stops working.
  4. You have one commode in your apartment and it does not work or is clogged.
  5. Significant ceiling leaks or water leaks.
  6. Electrical hazards.
  7. Other events that cannot wait until the next business day.

Maintenance technicians are trained to distinguish between an emergency and a maintenance issue that can be addressed the next business day.  When you speak with the emergency technician please give him your name, address, apartment number, the best phone number to reach you and the nature of your problem.

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